Celebration of the Arts Award Ceremony

Town of Oyster Bay Arts Council's 
Celebration of The Arts Recognitition Dinner

This year, the Celebration of the Arts Recognition Dinner committee is very pleased to invite Ms. Ava Favara, founding principal of the Long Island High School for the Arts to be our guest speaker.  The event will be capped off by the Annual Celebration of the Arts Awards, honoring the following three organizations or individuals for their contributions to the Arts: Irish American Vocalist, Mr. Andy Cooney; the Broadhollow Theatre Company and the Polezhayev Family, a family of world renowned classical musicians.

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Scholarship winners 2017


#019    Garret Silver                Winner Scholarship Competition                     Alto Saxophone

#29      Barbara Kurtin             Winner Scholarship Competition                     Vocal

#84      Gabriella Schmitz        Winner Scholarship Competition                     Dance

#88      Bari Dershowitz           Winner Scholarship Competition                     Vocal


Talent competition 2017

#013    Marc Harris, Jr.           Honorable Mention Talent Competition          Dance

#20      Sean Brady                 Silver Winner: Talent Competition                  Irish Step Dance

#35      Jalyn Townson            Silver Winner :           Talent Competition       Dance

#46      Kristen Ventricelli        Silver Winner :            Talent Competition       Vocal

#51      Sean Heyward            Silver Winner :            Talent Competition       Vocal & Guitar

#53      Thomas Coor              Platinum Winner :       Talent Competition        Piano

#65      Rishika Nahata            Gold Winners:            Talent Competition        Indian Dance Swati Madankumar

#70      Jillian Rossi                 Gold Winners:            Talent Competition        Vocal


Bob O'Neil, Anton, Yelana, Sharon Betz and Vladamir Polezhayev,Ted Firetog, Andy Cooney
Honorees and presenters at the Celebration of the Arts Dinner

Tara Palen and Warren Schaefer of the Broad Hollow Theatre
sang selections from South Pacific

Pictured Left to Right: Sharon A. Betz Director of TOBAC.
Ava Favara Guest Speaker, Theodore Firetog President TOBAC

Oyster Bay Councilman Anthony Macagnone supporter
and friend of TOBAC addresses the evening


Mr. Bob O'Neill, President and Artistic Director
of the BroadHollow Theater
accepts his award for bringing live theater to Long Island