Art For Sale Signup

The Oyster Bay Arts Council (TOBAC) is a 501c3 charitable organization since 1983.

TOBAC is giving artists like you access to our dynamic website that will display your art for a nominal donation of $15 per year. Your donation will go a long way in providing funds to college-bound artists and the support of all artistic endeavors including sponsorship of concerts, performances, and galleries. You may sell your art on the website, TOBAC will process the sale and negotiate the sale for you at no charge.

Questions? Call Lawrence Spiro, Treasurer, 516-655-8780.

Art sale and posting agreement:
Agreement: By signing this agreement, you agree to become a member of TOBAC for the donation of $15 which is a one-year membership. Joining TOBAC entitles you to post up to eight pictures at no charge. You will need to provide a digital representation of your art that will be posted on A brief description of the art will be posted. You may set a price for the value of the art posted including tax. TOBAC will administrate the sale of the art. You will be responsible for shipping, handling, and all sales income or any other applicable fees. TOBAC is not responsible for any taxes associated with the sale of this posted artwork. There is a recommended donation of 10% for all artwork sales shown on the TOBAC website once sold through TOBAC. TOBAC reserves the right to remove any posting at will for administrative purposes.