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Oyster Bay Chamber of Commerce is looking for artists who are interested in displaying their artwork during the Family Art & Music Festival in the Hamlet of Oyster Bay on Sunday, September 21 ~  12 – 3pm.   516-798-8400 for Info.



Celebration of the Arts November 6, 2014


Honorary Board

Naomi Drucker
Stanley Drucker
William H. Goebel
Kevin Harrington
Dean Karahalis 
Morton Künstler
Robin Marks
Marcia O’Brien
Dr. Stella Russell
Marcia Singer
Charles B. Sosik
Scott Yanuck
Theresa Statz-Smith


Sharon Betz              Executive Director
Dorothy Blumstein  Director Emeritus
Joanne Reeves         Director Emeritus
Theodore Firetog     President
Joanne Reeves        1st Vice President
Daniel McLane         2nd Vice President
Doris Jacobowski    Secretary
Lawrence Spiro       Treasurer


James Balletta
Ronnie Dien
Anthony Esposito
Ava Favara
Kathy Firetog
Jo Greene
Martha Merideth

Majorie Parness
Gary Piacentini
Grace Riskin
Doris Jacobowski
Dr.Richard Jacobowski

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